The Madeleine Brand Show for October 4, 2010

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We Have a Budget Deal!

California lawmakers this week will vote on a budget deal. It's been a record - more than three months that the state has been without a budget.
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Rival Tea Party Candidates Could Split the Vote

The Senate race in Nevada just got weirder — with tea partier versus tea partier. That's good news for Senate Majority leader Harry Reid, the Democrat in the race. His main opponent, Republican nominee Sharron Angle, is fending off a challenge by an eccentric man named Scott Ashjian.
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Parenting on the Edge: Daddy Needs a Drink

We've talked before about helicopter parents, the phenomena of super attentive parenting. Today for our "Parenting on the Edge" segment, we're going to look at it from another perspective -- the teacher's.
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The Media Round-Up with Sharon Waxman

This past Friday the much anticipated Facebook movie "The Social Network" opened in theaters. It netted a cool $23 million, garnering rave reviews — and facing a new media backlash. Also, CNN's Rick Sanchez was fired after calling Jon Stewart a "bigot." What does this say about CNN's new leadership?
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Ikea's Bigger Secret

It sells dressers for 40 bucks and hotdogs for 50 cents. And yet they made roughly $3.4 billion in profit last year. We're talking about Ikea, purveyor of flat packed furniture and seller of Swedish meatballs.
Mercer 10843

All Rise for the New Justices

The Supreme Court begins the new term today. For the first time in its history, three women will be sitting on the bench.
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Steve Proffitt and Eponymous Laws

Moore's Law is a principle in the technology world that says the amount of circuits that can fit in a computer chip doubles every two years. For almost half a century, it has driven the increase in computing power and made things like smart phones small and affordable. But in the last few years, chipmakers have feared that physical limits would prevent them from cramming more and more computing power in the same small space.
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