The Madeleine Brand Show for October 6, 2010

Mercer 10936

LA Public Schools Change Their Layoff Practices

A landmark settlement between the Los Angeles public schools and the ACLU could have national implications. The Los Angeles Board of Education unanimously agreed to change the way it lays off teachers.
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Covering the Marijuana Beat

Proponents of Prop 19, which would legalize marijuana in California, point to the economic benefits - tax revenues, employment, new business opportunities. And at least in the case of medical marijuana, there has been a small stimulant effect on the economy.
Mercer 10930

Alain de Botton's Love of Airports

Airports are usually places in which you want to spend as little time as possible. Sadly, that's not often the case when you're traveling. Author Alain de Botton would disagree. He loves airports.
Mercer 10931

New Species Under the Sea

For the last 10 years, researchers have been counting the creatures of the sea. The first global marine census found 250-thousand species. But there could be many more - maybe 750-thousand species - still to be discovered.
Mercer 10934

The Mexican Stock Market is Going Gangbusters

The US equities markets hit recent highs yesterday, but the Mexican stock market is outpacing them, and setting records.
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Bankrupt Tribune

Safe to say, lots of reporters at the LA Times are pouring over a big article in The New York Times this morning.
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The Weekly Zeitgeist with The Dinner Party Download

Velvet Underground's Maureen "Moe" Tucker is supporting the Tea Party? And is the US Army a giant experiment in socialism?
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