The Madeleine Brand Show for October 14, 2010

Mercer 11174

Reid-Angle Debate Preview

Senator Harry Reid and his Republican opponent, Sharron Angle, will meet for their first and only face-to-face debate tonight. Early voting begins Saturday.
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Steve Proffitt and Pension Shortfalls

One issue in the California governor's race - and in other races across the country - is what to do about the ballooning costs of paying pensions for government workers. Over the years, unions representing public employees have negotiated pension deals for their workers that pay them up to 90 percent of their salary for life, sometimes even if they retire at age 50.
Mercer 11178

The Tech Report with John Moe

In some recent technology developments, we have robots punching people, an iPhone anti-sexting app, and more.
Mercer 11170

The Sports Report with Mike Pesca

Baseball playoffs begin tomorrow with the Yankees and the Rangers playing their first game. Saturday's game includes the Phillies versus the Giants.
Mercer 11173

The Magic of the Curveball

Sticking with sports, there was some baseball news out yesterday that got our office in a heated debate. It had nothing to do with the playoffs or a steroid scandal. It was about the magic of the curveball.
Mercer 11171

David Grossman - The Conscience of a Nation

David Grossman is one of Israel's greatest writers. Now because of a tragic event, he has also become the country's conscience. Grossman's new book is about a woman who decides that instead of waiting for authorities to notify her that her son has died in battle, she won't be home to receive the news. And possibly, that will protect him.
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