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OK Go video director does canine choreography

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Marsaili McGrath/Getty Images

Musicians Dan Konopka (left to right), Tim Nordwind, Damian Kulash and Andy Ross of the band OK Go arrive at the EMI/Capitol Records Grammy party held at Boulevard3 on Feb. 11, 2007 in Hollywood.

Pop band OK Go have become known for their meticulously choreographed, single-take viral videos featuring everything from treadmill dancing to a Rube Goldberg machine. With recent song "White Knuckles," they threw dogs into the mix, and even used the video to promote rescue dogs in need. Director and choreographer Trish Sie discusses how she managed to wrangle the canine performers into the stunning finale "dogamid," a pyramid made of dogs.

Here is OK Go's official music video, "White Knuckles."

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