The Madeleine Brand Show for December 28, 2010

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John Moe on Skype's woes, a Comcast merger and 3D phone calls

John Moe of the Marketplace Tech Report stops by. He has news about the Comcast and NBC Universal merger. He explains what a "supernode" is and why they have brought down Skype. And he speculates on the possibility of 3D phone calls... get out your glasses.
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Folk hero or little known athlete? The life of Jim Thorpe

One of this country's greatest athletes is someone many Americans have never heard of. Jim Thorpe won Olympic gold medals in track in 1912, and went on to play football and baseball, beating Babe Ruth in an AP Writers' poll of best athletes of the 20th century. But, Kate Buford tells us why he was stripped of his medals and died an alcoholic. Her biography of Thorpe is Native American Son: The Life and Sporting Legend of Jim Thorpe.
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OK Go video director does canine choreography

Pop band OK Go have become known for their meticulously choreographed, single-take viral videos featuring everything from treadmill dancing to a Rube Goldberg machine. With recent song "White Knuckles," they threw dogs into the mix, and even used the video to promote rescue dogs in need. Director and choreographer Trish Sie discusses how she managed to wrangle the canine performers into the stunning finale "dogamid," a pyramid made of dogs.
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Author David Grossman takes us on a mother's journey "To the End of the Land"

In "To the End of the Land," Israeli author David Grossman tells the story of a mother escaping her fear that her son has been killed in combat by taking a hiking journey in the Galilee. He weaves the personal history of a family, led by mother Ora, with the day to day devastation of a land in perpetual conflict.
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