The Madeleine Brand Show for January 11, 2011

Ann Powers with a smorgasboard of new music from Cake, Cage the Elephant and Abigail Washburn

Mercer 13724

photo via c4antdance flickr / Creative Commons

Alt rockers Cage the Elephant wear their 90's grunge influences on their sleeve.

New music comes in all shapes and styles. This week Ann Powers looks at a trio of albums that span alt rock, Chinese folk music and bluegrass.

The indie stalwarts Cake are out with a new album called Showroom of Compassion. It's fun, funky and just what you'd expect from Cake.

Long Time by ILGWMG

Cake - Sick of You by KROQ

Cage the Elephant play brash, explosive alterna rock that evokes Nirvana and the Pixies. Their new album is called Thank You, Happy Birthday.

You can stream the album here.

And bluegrass singer Abigail Washburn continues to mix Chinese folk with her southern sound on City of Refuge.

Ballad of Treason: Live in China Produced by James Wallace from Abigail Washburn on Vimeo.

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