The Madeleine Brand Show for January 11, 2011

Gun stores did booming business this Christmas

Shooter's rampage, parent's nightmare

Jared Lee Loughner allegedly opened fire in Tucson, Saturday, killing 6 and injuring 13, including U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. The families of the victims, including federal Judge John Roll, Congressional aide Gabe Zimmerman and 9 year-old Christina Taylor Green will be forever changed. Many are wondering if enough was done to prevent the shooting. We talk to Nick Wilcox, whose daughter Laura Wilcox was shot and killed by a mentally unstable man 10 years ago.
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While the tragedy in Arizona has dominated news in our own country, it's also making waves overseas as the foreign press responds. But coverage abroad is filtered through very different political cultures, media landscapes and laws. We talk to columnist Mary Ann Sieghart who writes for the British newspaper The Independent, about what the story looks like from over there.
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Aspiring teachers are opting out of the profession

The budget unveiled by Governor Brown yesterday calls for more cuts to the state's higher education system. Cal State and UC schools would lose 500 million dollars each. The cuts could result in less funding for teacher training programs. And over the last three years California schools have lost roughly 10,000 teaching jobs. Sanden Totten reports on are impacting aspiring educators.
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Governor Jerry Brown unveiled his budget, yesterday. Calling it a "tough budget for tough times," Brown proposed big spending cuts as well as a tax bump. How do you decide between funding schools and social services, paying down the state's deficit and keeping taxes at a minimum? Steve Proffitt and Madeleine try their hands at balancing California's budget.
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Haiti one year later: challenges to public health

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti. The quake killed over 200,000 people and left 1 million people homeless. Last fall, a cholera outbreak killed thousands more. Do Haitians have access to treatment and care? How has the island nation's medical infrastructure responded to these public health crises? Dr. David Walton is the deputy chief of Partners in Health's mission in Haiti.
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New music comes in all shapes and styles. This week Ann Powers looks at a trio of albums that span alt rock, Chinese folk music and bluegrass.
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