The Madeleine Brand Show for January 31, 2011

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We speak to Mohamed Saleh, a graduate student at USC from Alexandria whose Egyptian wife Rania, is protesting in Cairo. Saleh describes his conflicting feelings of pride and concern as his loved ones participate in the unrest.

With Egypt in turmoil, what happens to the mummies?

One of the more disturbing images to come out of Egypt this weekend was the picture of a mummy, lying in pieces on the floor of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Looters have reportedly damaged important artifacts. Dr. Bob Brier is an Egyptologist and Senior Research Fellow at the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University. He has been scrambling to figure out how much damage has been done to these priceless antiquities.
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The reign of "The King's Speech" and the winners from Sundance with Sharon Waxman

The film, "The King's Speech", racked up more honors this weekend at the Screen Actors and Directors Guild Awards. Will it dominate the Oscars as well? Here to answer that and other burning questions and give us the scoop on the winners at the Sundance film festival is Sharon Waxman.
One of Governor Jerry Brown's ideas to close the $25 billion deficit is to shut down the state-level juvenile justice system, which costs the state about $240 million a year. The state handles only the most serious offenders but under the current plan they would be pushed down to county juvenile justice systems. We talk to Maureen Pacheco, the clinical director at the Center for Juvenile Policy and Law at Loyola Law School and long-time public defender in the juvenile justice system.
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Angelenos weigh in on the State of the State

Tonight Governor Jerry Brown will deliver his State of the State address- his first in nearly 30 years. A focus of the speech will be the state's 25 billion dollar deficit But what do Californians want to hear? We asked people around Los Angeles to weigh in on the State of the Golden State.
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Reza Aslan: Don't fear the Muslim Brotherhood

With the instability in Egypt threatening to bring down President Hosni Mubarak, some worry that the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood could fill the power vacuum left in his wake and turn the country into an Iranian style theocracy. Author and religious scholar Reza Aslan joins us to dispel those fears, saying that Egyptians can have both democracy and a role for religion in their remade government.
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Sean Rowe, musician and modern hunter/gatherer

Sean Rowe is a signer songwriter from Troy, New York. He's also a modern hunter gatherer. He lives off berries, bark and even roadkill. His new album is called Magic. Sean stopped by to play some songs talk with Madeleine about what music and nature have in common.
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