The Madeleine Brand Show for February 17th, 2011

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Armenian organized crime has deep and far-reaching roots in LA

An Armenian organized crime gang known as 'Armenian Power' is accused of scamming victims out of $20 million. Seventy-four Southern California suspects were arrested in series of early morning raids involving one thousand law enforcement officers. For more details we hear from Steven Martinez, head of the Los Angeles FBI field office that coordinated the investigation.
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How to avoid being the target of a fraud scheme

The Armenian Power gang was allegedly involved in a number of credit fraud and identity theft schemes. One of them involved stealing credit card data from the the registers at 99 Cent Only stores across Southern California. Jay Foley, Executive Director of the Identity Theft Resource Center explains how to avoid becoming the target of credit fraud and other scams.
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After beating out its human competitors on Jeopardy Wednesday night, Watson will lend its artificial intelligence to a health care project that will create the perfect physicians assistant. The FCC has released a map showing the penetration of internet access across the U.S. in its first step toward expanding internet access. And Detroit crowd funds a giant Robocop statue. John Moe joins us to talk about the latest in tech.
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Alert! Alert! Helping celebrities in crisis

With Hollywood stars hitting the headlines for the wrong reasons, a special panel has met to discuss how celebrities in crisis (step forward Lindsey Lohan and Charlie Sheen) can be helped. Reporter Sanden Totten sat in on the conference hosted by the Beverly Hills Bar Association.
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Fashion week may be high on style but low on people of color

As New York Fashion Week draws to a close, the issue of race in the industry has surfaced once again. Robin Givhan, special correspondent for style and culture at the Daily Beast and Newsweek, weighs in on the issue.
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The Sklar brothers, Randy and Jason, stop by with the their take on the week in sports. The NBA All Star game will be played in LA this weekend. What is Charlie Sheen doing giving a pep talk to the UCLA baseball team? And, in a different sporting category, the Westminster Dog Show gets underway.
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