The Madeleine Brand Show for February 23, 2011

The Battle of Los Angeles and Paris Hilton's Disappearing Cake: Dinner Party Download

Mercer 15258

Los Angeles Times, 1942

Enemy plane, weather balloon or UFO? The Los Angeles Times printed this image after the military shot at an unknown object in 1942.

Sixty nine years ago this week, a war was waged over Los Angeles. In the early hour of February 25, 1942, air raid sirens went off all over L.A. and a blackout was ordered for the entire city, after officials thought they spotted an unidentified aircraft. The Army fired thousands of shells into the sky. Was it an attack, a UFO, or a weather balloon? Plus, a new version of the Spiderman musical is under way. And the mystery of Paris Hilton's disappearing birthday cake is solved!

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