The Madeleine Brand Show for February 23, 2011

Should drug offenders receive treatment or jailtime? Prop. 36 funding may be on the budget chopping block

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Should Californians convicted on drug charges go to jail or rehab?

California voters passed Proposition 36 in 2000. The law diverts non violent first and second time drug offenders into treatment, rather than jail. A UCLA study conducted in 2008 found that the initiative has saved the state millions of dollars, but funding for the program is at risk because of the state's budget crisis. Santa Cruz County just announced they are phasing their program out. Could Los Angeles County be next?

Prop. 36 proponent Margaret Dooley-Sammuli joins us with her take on the initiative's successes and failures. She's the Deputy State Director for the Drug Policy Alliance, which was a major sponsor of the legislation.

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