The Madeleine Brand Show for March 3, 2011

NFL management wants a players' union, but players don't? NPR's Mike Pesca explains

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Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Charles Woodson of the Green Bay Packers attempts to break up a pass intended for Mike Wallace of the Pittsburgh Steelers during Super Bowl XLV at Cowboys Stadium on February 6, 2011.

Pro football players are in talks with owners about a new contract, which expires at midnight tonight. The head of the NFL players' union may recommend that the players de-unionize. Meanwhile, the owners are saying, no, don't go non-union on us. Could anything be more unexpected or confusing? We get the lowdown from NPR sports guy, Mike Pesca.

Plus, NCAA basketball tournaments begin this weekend. Pencil in a few more squares on your March Madness brackets -- the competition will now include 68 teams, up from 64. Are you ready to take on your coworkers?

And in the world of professional basketball, the NBA will play a few games in London in the coming days. Will it soon be replaced by an International Basketball League?

Finally, let's not forget baseball. Spring training is underway. Don Mattingly is getting fit and fresh in his first inning as head coach of the Dodgers, while Frank and Jamie McCourt continue squabbling over who owns the team. And they're not the only franchise facing financial woes. The New York Mets owners are facing scrutiny over the money they poured into Ponzi schemer Bernard Madoff's coffers.

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