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Chef Jamie Oliver vs LA's school lunches

by The Madeleine Brand Show

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Allen, 9, tried out new dishes for next year's menu at the Newman Nutrition Center, the main food distribution point for LAUSD school meals, on Tuesday morning. Grant Slater/KPCC

This week LAUSD school lunches have been in the spotlight. Tuesday was the premiere of season two of Food Revolution. In the show, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver attacked the lunch program for dishing up unhealthy meals. Yesterday, LAUSD fired back by showcasing their new, healthy lunch menu. The new menu features items such as Pad Thai, Sushi, Salvadorian Beef Stew and Chicken Tandoori. The district says their new options were not influenced by Oliver and his reality TV show. Earlier this year officials banned him from filming on their campuses and the two have been in a tussle ever since. District officials maintain their food goes above and beyond national nutritional standards. Yesterday they gave media a tour of their central kitchen where roughly 200,000 meals are prepared each day. : Kids and school officials try out new lunch menu items at the district's central kitchen:

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