The Madeleine Brand Show for April 28, 2011

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A 5 minute quiz may tell parents if their infants have autism. A new study out today from UC San Diego's Autism Center of Excellence shows that this screening process can identify babies at a year old...which could give them a crucial early start in treatment. The test however has a 25% false positive rate. What does it all mean? Karen Pierce, the lead author of the study is on with Madeleine to discuss.
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LAUSD makes nice with Jamie Oliver

The second season of TV chef Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution has had no shortage of drama during its short run. Oliver had hoped to bring his message of healthy food - and his TV crews - into the kitchens of the Los Angeles Unified School District. But when public school officials said no, Oliver turned to guerilla tactics, declaring war on the second biggest school district in the nation. Now, with the arrival of new LAUSD Super Intendant John Deasy, some of those tensions have thawed. We talk to Jamie Oliver about their new collaboration.
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The white iPhone 4 goes on sale today. Will the apple loving hordes rush to buy it or will the controversy over the company's data tracking policy give them pause? Will the development of better voice recognition software, by Google, make people use their keyboards less and less? John Moe is on every Thursday with the latest in tech news. He's also the host of the Marketplace Tech Report.
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Tomorrow is April 29, which means the wait is finally over for one of the most highly anticipated events of the year: The Royal Wedding. The wedding will commence at 11:00 am in London, which is 3:00 a.m. in LA. But, there are some die hard royal fanatics who will be keeping an all night vigil to watch the big event. J. Anthony McAlister is one of them. He's the president of the LA Chapter of the International Monarchist League, and he joins Madeleine on the program today.
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Book lovers, vendors, and authors will gather at USC this weekend for the LA Times Festival of Books. From Dave Eggers and Patti Smith, to Jonathan Lethem, to panels on maps and the Bell scandal, David Kipen shares his crib notes. He's our regular book critic and the proprietor of Libros Schmibros, a bookstore/lending library in Boyle Heights. We also hear about a Spanish-language book fair this weekend, LĂ©aLA.
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The Sklar Brothers are back with the latest in sports news. The Lakers rallied last night against the New Orleans Hornets. And Kobe set it all off when he dunked... hard. Soccer team Real Madrid won a championship cup, which met its doom as it fell out of the hands of a player... and was then run over by a bus. Randy and Jason Sklar join us on Thursdays. They're the hosts of Sklarbro Country - a hilarious sports podcast, which is available for free on iTunes.
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