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Hackers attack PBS website over Wikileaks documentary

by The Madeleine Brand Show

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Hackers with the group Lulzsec posted fake stories on the PBS website, including one that claimed Tupac was alive and living in New Zealand. Screen grab

All your base belong to Lulzsec. That message, contained in a graphic featuring a stylized pink cat and a rainbow, briefly greeted visitors to over the weekend. The site was hacked by a group that is also claiming credit for shutting down Sony's Playstation network, and hacking other sites.'s Xeni Jardin joins us with the story.

Lulzsec (also known as the Lulz Boat) claims to have no affiliation with Anonymous. The group was upset by a Frontline documentary on Wikileaks. After hacking, Lulzsec posted fake news stories, including one claiming Tupac was alive and living in New Zealand. They also exposed the site's inner workings and posted the login information for PBS member stations across the country.

Boing Boing followed the story closely. First, the hackers posted a story about how Tupac Shakur is still alive. Then the hackers hacked the PBS statement in response to the hack. And recently, the hackers released a statement, documenting how they carried out the operation.

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