The Madeleine Brand Show for May 31, 2011

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Pat Krug on the mystery of the wayward gray whale

A year ago a gray whale mysteriously appeared off the coast of Israel. What made the sighting unusual is that it happened at all - gray whales swim only in Pacific waters. Marine biologist Pat Krug joins Madeleine to explain how it happened.
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No end in sight for falling home prices

The Case-Shiller index numbers released Tuesday morning show March housing prices were at their lowest point since the housing bubble burst 5 years ago. Prices are down by more than a third from their peak in 2006. Madeleine talks to Richard Green, Director of the USC Lusk Center for Real Estate about whether the housing market will ever recover to its previous levels.
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GOP 2012: NPR's Ken Rudin rounds up the candidates

Sarah Palin is on day three of a bus trip she insists is not a campaign tour. And Mitt Romney is set to announce he's in the running later this week. Today he had harsh words for President Obama in an interview broadcast on NBC. NPR political editor Ken Rudin joins us to talk about the Republican presidential hopefuls.
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Hackers attack PBS website over Wikileaks documentary

All your base belong to Lulzsec. That message, contained in a graphic featuring a stylized pink cat and a rainbow, briefly greeted visitors to over the weekend. The site was hacked by a group that is also claiming credit for shutting down Sony's Playstation network, and hacking other sites.'s Xeni Jardin joins us with the story.
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Will carpool access boost sales of electric vehicles?

On July first – the carpool lane privileges hybrid vehicle drivers have enjoyed for years will come to a screeching halt. That’s the day the yellow access stickers on California’s hybrid cars expire for good. State officials describe the program as a huge success that helped convince drivers to give hybrids a try. Now they hope a similar sticker will do the same for electric cars. But many drivers doubt that plug-ins can catch on. Sanden Totten reports.
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New Music Tuesday: Thurston Moore and Nigeria 70

Today's helping of new music comes from Sonic Youth guitarist Thurston Moore and the compilation album Nigeria 70. Click through for full length tracks.

The Sporkful team tackles weddings

Dan Pashman and Mark Garrison from The Sporkful are on with Madeleine to give some wedding tips and tricks. They let you know what kind of food you should choose for your special day, that you should feed people alcohol before the service, and the best tactics for ensuring maximum hor d'oeuvre consumption.
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