The Madeleine Brand Show for June 14, 2011

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Michelle Obama raising money on taxpayer's dime?

First Lady Michelle Obama is in California on a two day fundraising trip. Yesterday she sat on a panel in Los Angeles, discussing the portrayal of military personal in the media. Today she's in the Bay Area raising dollars for her husband's re-election campaign. But critics say that taxpayers' dollars shouldn't be spent when on fundraising business. Paul Ryan is an attorney with the Campaign Legal Center in Washington DC; it's a non partisan, not for profit organization that examines campaign finance and elections and he joins the show to talk about this.
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Hacking websites just for the lulz

The list of sites recently attacked by the hackers known as Lulz Security include PBS, Sony, Fox, a popular pornography site and the United States Senate. Although Lulzsec says they hack just for the fun of it, they're also creating a real sense that the internet is broken, or at least far more insecure than most of us thought. For some perspective on all this, we're joined by Xeni Jardin. She's an editor at the tech and culture blog Boing Boing.
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The legacy of Pat Brown

Tomorrow is the budget deadline for California lawmakers. Governor Brown is indicating he might accept a deal with so-called gimmicks, like the selling of state buildings, to get a budget passed. 50 years ago another Governor Brown - Pat Brown - faced similar battles with Republicans. But he was able to convince enough of them to go along with his ideas. And some of them were big ideas..ideas that transformed California. Sascha Rice, grand daughter of Pat Brown talks about her documentary California State of Mind: The Legacy of Pat Brown.
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Rob Corddry heals with laughs on Childrens Hospital

The third season of Childrens Hospital recently premiered on Adult Swim. Series creator Rob Corddry joins Madeleine to discuss the upcoming shows. You probably know him from his days as a correspondent for The Daily Show and his starring role in Hot Tub Time Machine.
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Parenting on the Edge: will good parenting land your kids in therapy?

Parents try hard to be attuned to their kids' needs, provide for them, help them have a perfect childhood. But what if all that attention is actually making them unhappy adults? Lori Gottlieb is a psychologist and a parent. She noticed in her practice a lot of young adults were coming to her saying they were anxious and depressed but they had nothing to complain about. She joins us to talk about "too-good" parenting.
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New Music Tuesday: Battles and The Black Lips

It's New Music Tuesday and Drew Tewksbury is back with reviews of new albums from the bands Battles and The Black Lips.
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