The Madeleine Brand Show for June 15, 2011

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Mark Seal on 'The Man in the Rockefeller Suit'

Three years ago a man named Clark Rockefeller kidnapped his daughter and led the FBI on an international manhunt. He was found a week later in Baltimore and his daughter safely returned to her mom. It turned out Clark Rockefeller wasn't a Rockefeller at all. No one including his ex-wife knew who he was.
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Syrians flee to refugee camps in Turkey

More than eight thousand refugees have flooded into Turkey from conflict riddden Syria. Meanwhile, Syrian army units are preparing another assault on a northern town to crush anti-government protests. We speak with Borzou Daragahi of the LA Times; he was on the Turkey/Syria border and is now in Istanbul.
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Dual language program boosts LAUSD admissions

For years, many middle and upper middle-class parents have balked at sending their children to Los Angeles Unified schools, choosing to enroll them in private and charter schools outside the district. Now a nascent dual-language program has convinced some parents to send their kids back to the neighborhood school. District administrators voted yesterday to protect hundreds of dual-language teachers from layoffs. Administrators are hoping the trickle of returning students will develop into a stream. KPCC's Adolfo Guzman-Lopez has the story.
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The 25th annual SLEEP conference wraps up today. The three-day gathering featured the latest research on things like insomnia, snoring and napping. One study found that women recover from a loss of sleep better than men. Another looked at why night-owls have the edge in Major League Baseball. And one team presented a night cap that cools the brain and might fix a person's insomnia. Sanden Totten gives us the details on these and other sleep studies.
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Saving the Post Office

Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat ... nor email will stop the US Postal Service. At least that's the hope of a group of experts convening near Washington today. The Postal Vision 2020 conference is bringing together big thinkers from companies like Google to come up with creative solutions to save the postal service. In this age of digital communications, USPS is in big trouble. It's facing about $8 billion in losses this year alone. We hear from Bryant Urstadt, an editor at Bloomberg Business Week and part of a team that investigated the financial troubles of the USPS last month.
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Dinner Party Download: Iran's couch rebels, baseball poetry and children's toys

A baseball inspired poem from 1888; a TSA inspired security wand for children that goes 'beep'. And joining a revolution from the comfort of your couch. Brendan Francis Newnam and Rico Gagliano from The Dinner Party Download join us with this week's cultural conversation starters.
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