The Madeleine Brand Show for June 17, 2011

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After the apology: How to redeem your character after a public scandal

New York Congressman Anthony Weiner finally resigned over his much publicized sexting scandal. He's not the first - and won't be the last - public figure to fall so spectacularly from grace; think former New York governor Elliott Spitzer, President Bill Clinton and actor Robert Downey Jr. Mary Elizabeth Williams from discusses how Weiner - and others in the public arena - can redeem their characters and careers.
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Gov. Brown says no to budget; now what?

For the first time in possibly ever, a California governor has vetoed a state budget. At least - not since 1901 -- when official records began. Jerry Brown told the Democratically-controlled legislature yesterday that he didn't like what they'd sent him and to start over again. Dan Schnur, director of the Jesse Unruh Institute of Politics at USC discusses this risky political move.
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Iraq, the CIA and Professor Juan Cole

Did the CIA illegally gather information to discredit a professor who was critical of the Iraq War? New York Times reporter James Risen has spoken to a former CIA official who says that he was asked by the Bush White House to gather damaging information on Juan Cole. Cole teaches at the University of Michigan and writes a foreign policy blog. He was often interviewed as a prominent Iraq War critic. James Risen joins us with the details.
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Father's Day Survival for New Dads

Sunday will mark the first Father's Day for many new dads. Jason Nash and Jeff Bumgarner from the 'Guys with Feelings' podcast share tips on surviving the annual daddy fest. (Hint: think long and hard before going to The Grove.)
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Backyard beekeeping in Southern California

Bees have been mysteriously disappearing since about 2006, in a phenomenon called Colony Collapse Disorder. They vanish from the hive leaving behind just the queen and the honey. Scientists don't have a clear explanation, but they theorize that pesticides and mechanized agriculture are to blame. That, essentially, we are killing the bees. A documentary out today called Queen of the Sun explores the disappearance of bees. Madeleine spoke to the director of the film, Taggert Siegel. And Kirk Anderson from Backwards Beekeepers is on hand with tips for people interested in keeping their own honeybees.
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Awesome/Not Awesome with Luke Burbank

In this week's Awesome/Not Awesome, Luke Burbank chews over a sexting resignation at LAX, an arrest for saggy pants on a plane and a case of 'I don't' for octogenarian playboy, Hugh Hefner.
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