The Madeleine Brand Show for June 24, 2011

'One Lucky Elephant' explores perils of human-animal bond

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One Lucky Elephant, LLC

The film 'One Lucky Elephant' premieres in Los Angeles June 24, 2011.

What happens when a wild animal 9-feet tall and weighing 5 tons becomes part-pet, part-performer and part-child to a human master? A new documentary opening this Friday in L.A. seeks to answer that question. "One Lucky Elephant" follows St. Louis circus owner David Balding as he tries to find the perfect retirement home for his beloved African elephant, Flora. The film plays at turns like a heart-warming love story and a tragedy of pachyderm proportions as we watch the close bond Balding forms with the animal and the inadvertent harm it causes.

Director Lisa Leeman joins Madeleine.

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