The Madeleine Brand Show for June 24, 2011

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Will the House cut Libya funding?

The House of Representatives is debating whether to cut funding for U.S. military involvement in Libya. Republicans and Democrats are furious with President Obama for not seeking Congressional approval to attack Moammar Gadhafi's forces, sparking a debate over the War Powers Act of 1973. Edwin Smith, professor of law, international relations and political science at USC joins us to explain Congress's options.
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FBI's 10 most wanted list down to 8

For decades, the FBI Most Wanted has been a touchstone in the popular imagination of crime fighting. And this week's arrest of Boston mob boss James Whitey Bulger put another dent in the top ten most wanted list. Osama bin Laden and Bulger had both held top spots on the list and now there are two openings. Here to talk about the history of that list and who could be bumped into the top ten is FBI Historian John Fox.
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What happens when a wild animal 9-feet tall and weighing 5 tons becomes part-pet, part-performer and part-child to a human master? A new documentary opening this Friday in L.A. seeks to answer that question. "One Lucky Elephant" follows St. Louis circus owner David Balding as he tries to find the perfect retirement home for his beloved African elephant, Flora. The film plays at turns like a heart-warming love story and a tragedy of pachyderm proportions as we watch the close bond Balding forms with the animal and the inadvertent harm it causes.
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California’s medical marijuana industry is the biggest in the country. There are over 1000 dispensaries that sell marijuana to people with doctor’s recommendations under Proposition 215. But federal officials believe that some unscrupulous physicians may be facilitating the illegal export of pot to other states. KQED's Michael Montgomery reports.
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Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney's CA visit

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is wrapping up a fundraising swing through California. Like all presidential candidates, he's tapping into the deep political pockets in the state. KPCC's Frank Stoltze has details on Mitt Romney's visit
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The film "A Better Life" follows a Mexican immigrant gardener and his son as they move through the landscapes of Los Angeles. The urban environment around them, where they live and work, deepens the themes of the film, and reflects hard truths about the city's green space.
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Awesome/Not Awesome with Luke Burbank

In this week's installment of Awesome/Not Awesome, Luke Burbank tells us about a Hollywood high stakes poker ring, a Southwest pilot's rant that was picked up by air traffic controllers, and Laker Ron Artest's legal name change - to "Metta World Peace."
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