The Madeleine Brand Show for July 5, 2011

Pedestrians walk past the Church of Scie
For her new book, journalist Janet Reitman spent 5 years researching Scientology – one of the world’s most secretive religions – gathering candid interviews with current and former members of the church.
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The Senate returns to work today on a plan to reduce the national debt. The Treasury Department has said that parts of the government will shut down if a deal is not reached by August 2. The prognosis is confusing- will a financial crisis ensue, or can lawmakers find subtle ways to keep the economy in order even if the government defaults? Allan Sloan, senior editor at large for Fortune Magazine tells us what exactly might happen if a debt reduction plan isn't passed in time.
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Congress returns to work today after cutting the summer recess short. The main item on the agenda is what to do about the national debt ceiling. Publicly, both sides are steadfast in their stances over how to handle this issue. But David Drucker, reporter with Roll Call, weighs in on how far apart the two sides of the aisle really are.
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Last month we told you about a children's book that's actually not for children, it's for their parents. It's called 'Go the F--- to Sleep,' and it's been a viral sensation: a PDF was leaked on the internet and its instant popularity sent it to #1 on Amazon's top seller list weeks before it went to print. It's been optioned for a movie by Fox studios and Samuel L. Jackson was hired to read the audio book. Author Adam Mansbach joins Madeleine to talk about the universality of bedtime battles.
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Music critic Drew Tewksbury shares some new tunes to fill out your summer playlist. He reviews Memory Tapes' latest release, Player Piano. It's an album full of dreamy synth music perfect for lounging about on a hot summer afternoon sipping iced tea. But when it's time for a summer night block party, Teddybears fit the bill. They are a Swedish electropop outfit. Drew weighs in on their new album, Devil's Music. It features poppy anthems and guest vocals from the likes of Cee Lo Green, Eve and Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips.
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