The Madeleine Brand Show for July 14, 2011

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Rebel Without a Cause director Nicholas Ray: a glorious failure?

Nicholas Ray is often thought of as the auteur's favorite director. Best known for directing Rebel Without a Cause, he had a short but significant career in the 1950s and 60s. Eventually the end of the studio system, deaths of stars James Dean and Humphrey Bogart and drug and alcohol addictions ended Ray's career. A new biography of Ray is out this week. Book critic David Kipen reviews Patrick McGilligan's Nicholas Ray: The Glorious Failure of an American Director.
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Debt talks continue as deadline looms

Tensions are high in Washington as talks are at an impasse on raising the debt ceiling. President Obama will meet with Republicans Thursday afternoon. He walked out of their Wednesday meeting in frustration saying, "Enough is enough." The deadline is fast approaching...and Moody's has already warned that it could lower the government's credit rating if a deal isn't reached soon. It appears that no one in Washington wants that to happen, so why can't Republicans and Democrats reach an agreement? One possible explanation - the Tea Party. Politico's Jonathan Allen joins us with the latest from Capital Hill.
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Brandon McInerney on trial for killing gay classmate Larry King

The trial of 17-year-old Brandon McInerney continued in a Chatsworth courtroom Thursday. He's accused of fatally shooting his openly gay classmate, Larry King, in a middle school classroom in Oxnard in 2008. The trial was moved from Ventura County to Los Angeles because it had drawn so much media attention. McInerney is being tried as an adult and is charged with first degree murder and a hate crime for the killing. The prosecution is expected to finish presenting its case early next week. Here with an update on the trial is Ventura County Star reporter Zeke Barlow.
The killing of Larry King, along with a rash of suicides among gay teens over recent years, has raised serious questions about how schools can best deal with issues of sexuality and gender. Madeleine talks with Diana Stephens, a professor of education at California Lutheran University, who trains educators in the Ventura Unified School District on diversity issues.

Women's World Cup final preview with Mike Pesca

The U.S. and Japan will face off Sunday in the Women's World Cup finals. The U.S. knocked out France 3-1, yesterday, while Japan defeated Sweden 3-1. This is the most attention paid to the American women's soccer team since 1999, when the final match was held at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. NPR sports correspondent Mike Pesca joins us just before boarding a plane to Germany to catch the final game.
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