The Madeleine Brand Show for July 21, 2011

Hunger strike may be over at Pelican Bay prison

Mercer 19563

Grant Slater/KPCC

A woman in prison garb leads protesters in chants of solidarity with prisoners on a hunger strike outside a state government building in Downtown Los Angeles on Monday morning.

There's news this morning that the three-week-old hunger strike in California prisons may be over. Strike leaders have reportedly called off the action and accepted food trays after four weeks protesting treatment in isolation units. At Pelican Bay State Prison more than a thousand inmates are being held in small, soundproof cells for 22-and-a-half hours a day. Corrections offiials say they're sent there for refusing to renounce their gang membership. KQED and California Watch reporter Michael Montgomery joins Madeleine with the latest.

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