The Madeleine Brand Show for July 27, 2011

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Historic legislation was signed into law in California, July 14. Senate Bill 48 makes the teaching of LGBT history law in the state's public schools. The law goes into effect January 1 and legislators are getting ready to comply, but because of budget cuts, the state won't approve new textbooks until 2015. And given a lengthy review process, those textbooks may not make it classroom shelves until 2019. So how will school districts comply?
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No pay for veterans? Debt ceiling crisis could impact most vulnerable

The economy and the nation are on edge as talks stall again on resolving the debt crisis. Speaker John Boehner has put off a vote until tomorrow. Groups who would be immediately affected if the debt ceiling isn't raised are preparing for the worst: news from Washington that there's no money to pay them. This includes members of the military. Veterans service organizations met with the White House yesterday to discuss what could happen if fund run out. Former Army Captain and Senior Legislative Director at the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, Tom Tarantino discusses the concerns of military service personnel.
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FAA funding held up by Congress

Since 2007, Republicans and Democrats have been unable to agree on how to fund the Federal Aviation Administration. Instead, they passed a series of temporary measures - 20 different bills over the past four years. Last Friday, after they failed to pass yet another extension, funding for the FAA ran out. Could this be the shape of things to come for Congress' debt ceiling talks? Andy Steinberg, former chief counsel to the FAA during the Bush administration explains more.

Parenting on the Edge: Fixing your kids, DIY style

What's worse than your child getting injured? Having to sit in the doctor's office, waiting to have them fixed. So, why not fix them yourself? Comedy writer Lew Schneider talks about his foray into DIY pediatrics.
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Judges for the Man Booker Prize announced the 13 novels on the longlist, or 'Booker's Dozen,' Tuesday. That list will be whittled down to a shortlist of 6 before the winner in selected. Our regular book critic David Kipen handicaps the contenders. Plus, Kipen reviews a new novel by Tom Carson, 'Daisy Buchanan's Daughter.'
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Want to live like The Dude, himself? The bungalow featured in The Big Lebowski is up for sale. In New York, people are having a knit-in. And in this week in history, a real man with a fake story about being a fake king. His name was Otto Witte and he died 53 years ago this week. Brendan Francis Newnam and Rico Gagliano of The Dinner Party Download are back with conversation starters to help you at your next soiree.
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