The Madeleine Brand Show for July 29, 2011

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Obama: 'The time for putting party first is over'

President Obama addressed the nation Friday morning with a statement on the debt ceiling negotiations. He told reporters gathered at the White House that "there are plenty of ways" for the crisis to be resolved. The president said that defaulting on payments would lead to a heavier financial burden on the American public, impacting everything from mortgage payments to car loans. With the Tuesday deadline around the corner, President Obama called for bipartisan support to get a workable bill on his desk for signature before time runs out. David Fahrenthold, Congressional reporter for the Washington Post, shares his thoughts on the president's statement.
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As debt debates falter, more bad news about economy

While Congress has been wrangling over the debt ceiling, the nation's economy has been stuck in neutral. Figures out Friday showed the nation's gross domestic product grew a meager 1.3 percent in the second quarter, a much slower pace than last year and below the expectations of most economists. Roben Farzad, a reporter for Bloomberg Businessweek, looks at the numbers and market reaction.
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Redistricting commission to vote on final maps

The political landscape in California is about to change: The first California Citizens Redistricting Commission is set to vote on new maps for California's political districts Friday. There's been a lot of back and forth over which communities and interest groups will benefit from the remapping and Friday's vote is sure to intensify the debate. The California Report's John Myers has more.
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L.A. Times layoffs: Tim Rutten's personal story

As of midnight Friday, a number of veteran journalists from the L.A. Times will be out of work. Earlier this week the paper laid off about a dozen staffers. Tim Rutten is one of those reporters clearing his desk. He spent over 30 years at the Times, where he was a part of three reporting teams that won Pulitzer Prizes. He served as the opinions editor, assistant national editor and most recently as a columnist writing about the media. Madeleine Brand spoke with him about his thoughts on the layoffs and life after the L.A. Times.
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Five years ago, a team of photographers created the world's largest photograph by converting an Orange County jet hangar into a giant camera. The 100 foot-long image is now on public view for only the second time in the United States at the UC Riverside Culver Center of the Arts. KPCC's Steven Cuevas reports on the challenges of creating and installing such a giant piece.
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Steve Proffitt reports on the devastating effect a prolonged NBA lockout could have on the sports-fed businesses that have grown up around Staples Center, and looks at one restaurant that might be better positioned to weather an extended lockout.
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In this week's 'Awesome/Not Awesome' with Luke Burbank, Ben Affleck plays a starring role in the debt ceiling talks, researchers identify the most emotional scene in a movie and Jeopardy host, Alex Trebek, has surgery after chasing a burglar.
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