The Madeleine Brand Show for August 5, 2011

Masses of wildlife converge on two hotspots off California coast

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Mar Torres/AFP/Getty Images

Whales, tuna, turtles and fish were among the creatures tracked as part of Stanford's 10 year study of 23 species off the California coast. Here: a gray whale.

Over the last decade, marine biologists have attached thousands of electronic tags to animals swimming in the Pacific Ocean. Their goal was to figure out where the animals were migrating - how far, how deep and in what kind of water. From tuna to whales, nearly 2,000 individual animals were tracked from 23 different species. A staggering amount of data was collected and the results were recently published in the journal, Nature. Our favorite marine biologist, Pat Krug, tells us about the massive movement of wildlife the data shows in two hotspots off the California coast.

For near real-time tracking of these animals, check out

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