The Madeleine Brand Show for August 11, 2011

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FLDS leader Warren Jeffs sentenced to life in prison

Polygamist leader Warren Jeffs was sentenced to life in prison earlier this week. The sentence comes on the heels of his conviction in Texas on counts of sexually assaulting two children he had taken as his "brides." Jeffs is the head of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or FLDS. The FLDS has thousands of followers who believe multiple marriages can bring eternal life. Jon Krakauer, who investigated the FLDS communities on the Arizona-Utah border for his book Under the Banner of Heaven, takes us behind the scenes of this growing religion to reveal shocking accounts of violence, polygamy, and undying faith.
If you have an emergency on vacation, or anywhere really, you'll be able to TEXT 9-1-1—and even include photos and video. Speaking of texting, a new Facebook app called Messenger allows you to text your friends for free, without having to know their phone number. Does this mean free, unlimited texting for all? And, this morning a superfast jet launched from Vandenburg Air Force Base, not far from here, on the central coast of California; the new plane could travel from New York to L.A. in 12 minutes.
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The Rawesome controversy and the raw food rabbit hole

Last week, authorities raided a Venice food co-op called Rawesome and arrested its owner for selling raw, unpasteurized milk without a license. The arrest drew protest from across the political spectrum. A Huffington Post writer called it "a war on food freedom" and a Washington Times columnist deemed it "a sad day for America." Rawesome had been raided last summer as well, but continued to operate afterward. It's now closed, and Jennifer Sharpe is among those missing it. She discovered the food club a few years ago while trying to deal with a nagging health problem.
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In the next few days, Iowa will take center stage in national politics. Tonight, eight Republican presidential candidates will meet for a debate. On Saturday, Iowa Republicans meet in Ames to pick their favorite candidate in a straw poll. And on Sunday, another possible candidate, Texas Governor Rick Perry, is speaking at an event in Waterloo, Iowa. Mike Glover, veteran political reporter for the Associated Press in Des Moines, joins Madeleine to explain how important, or not important, candidates’ success is in Iowa, where the Republican party is dominated by religious conservatives.
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In our weekly review of sports with the Sklar brothers, an update on the ongoing story of Tiger Woods and his former caddy. And in baseball, the story of a guy who's batting average is usually below average but is on an amazing hitting streak. In football, a player moves to a new town and wants to live with a fan. And, a seven year-old gets signed to a contract with one of the greatest soccer teams in the world.
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