The Madeleine Brand Show for August 12, 2011

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Rebels in Paradise: The Los Angeles Art Scene and the 1960s

Oh, to be a young artist in L.A. in the 1960s. It was the epicenter of cool, as Hunter Drohojowska Philip says in the introduction to her new book. Rebels in Paradise tells the story of how Ed Ruscha, David Hockney, Ed Keinholtz and others created a new contemporary art movement based here in L.A. Hunter Drohojowska Philip joins Madeleine to tell the story of a scene that coalesced around one particular gallery in L.A., a scene made up of individuals rebelling against New York’s art scene.
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Rick Perry: popular Texan governor to announce his presidential run

Tomorrow he'll make it official: Republican Texas governor Rick Perry is running for President. He was Lieutenant Governor in 2000 and took over as governor when George W. Bush stepped down to become President. Since then, he's been re-elected three times. Recently, he’s gotten a lot of attention for presiding over an evangelical prayer fest that drew 30,000 people. Clearly, he’s a popular governor and will gain the support of a lot of conservatives. From Dallas, NPR's Wade Goodwyn joins Madeleine to look at Perry’s accomplishments while in office, why he switched from being a Democrat in the state legislature to a conservative Republican, and what he might do to broaden his appeal to independents and moderates in his run for presidency.
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The pre-historic plesiosaur: it looked like the quintessential sea monster. It had a long neck, flippers and fangs. Think of the Loch Ness monster, and you are on the right track. But a paper published today in the journal "Science" says these ancient beasts may have actually been social creatures and doting mothers. The research is based on a fossil of a pregnant plesiosaur that's part of the new dinosaur exhibit at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum. Reporter Sanden Totten paid the specimen a visit.
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Graffiti guerrilla Joe Connolly's counter spray paint campaign

Joe Connolly is serious about graffiti. For the past 20 years he's waged a campaign to wipe out tags, scrawls and pieces of graffiti of all kind, earning him the nickname the Graffiti Guerilla. He's the subject of a new documentary, "Vigilante, Vigilante," which premiered in San Francisco Friday.
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California farmers fight having to e-verify immigration status

California farmers are gearing up to fight a bill that would force them to electronically verify the immigration status of farmworkers. As the California Report’s Central Valley Bureau Chief Sasha Khokha explains, the proposal is also re-opening debate about the future of a guestworker program.
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Awesome/Not Awesome with Luke Burbank

In this week's Awesome/Not Awesome: Colton Harris Moore from Seattle, the barefoot bandit; 85-year-old Duchess of Alba, Maria del Rosario Cayetana Alfonsa Victoria Eugenia Francisca Fitz-James Stuart y de Silva (phew!); and... are Bert and Ernie getting married?
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