The Madeleine Brand Show for September 1, 2011

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Solar poweroff: why did Solyndra fail?

Today the California solar company Solyndra declared bankruptcy. Just about a year ago Solyndra was an example of President Obama's hope for the future: clean energy in a new technology that was putting people back to work. The federal government gave Solyndra half a billion dollars in loan guarantees. Now, with the company failing, solar's once sunny future might be looking dim. Here to explain more is Ken Zweibel, director of the Solar Institute at George Washington University.
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Gas prices remain stubbornly high, even though lower demand has driven down the price of crude oil. Steve Proffitt joins us to explain why.
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John Moe, the host of the Marketplace Tech Report joins us to talk about a leaked letter that calls AT&T's motives for buying T Mobile into question. He'll also talk about Facebook's bid to add music to it's social network. And John discusses Apple's strange ability to lose top secret stuff just ahead of a major release date. This time the tech giant somehow misplaced an iPhone 5 at a tequila bar.
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There's a good chance if you own a home, Bank of America services your loan. It has 20 percent of the home loan market. But many of those loans are in trouble and that's causing serious problems for B of A. Last week, Warren Buffett rode to the rescue and bought 5 billion dollars worth of preferred stock. But maybe, in hindsight, that wasn't such a good thing. Here to explain is Jesse Eisinger. He's a senior reporter for the non profit news site, ProPublica.
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JC Penney pulls T-shirt: "I'm too pretty to do homework"

Just in time for back to school, JC Penney released a shirt with the slogan, "I'm too pretty to do homework so my brother has to do it for me." The shirt, sold online, was aimed at girls between the ages of 7 and 16. But Penney pulled the shirt from its site after hearing from outraged customers. Joining us to make sense of this is Robert Wilder. He's a high school English teacher in New Mexico and the author of "Daddy Needs a Drink."
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Jason Sklar - one half of the comedy duo known as the Sklar Brothers - joins us for some news from the world of sports. He talks about the embezzlement scandal surrounding the San Francisco Giants' payroll manager. Jason also riffs on low attendance at Dodger games, the return of college football this weekend and Kobe Byrant’s “birther” moment.
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