The Madeleine Brand Show for September 13, 2011

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There's an old maxim: one person's terrorist is another's freedom fighter. That's certainly the case with the radical environmental group, the Earth Liberation Front. ELF was responsible for a series of bombings against businesses the activists thought were ruining the environment. No one was hurt, but property owners sustained millions of dollars in damage. The federal government labeled ELF a terrorist group and went after its members, including a young man named Daniel McGowan. A recent documentary on ELF explores the prosecution of McGowan, who was facing life in prison. 'If a Tree Falls' director Marshall Curry joins us.
One Congresswoman is calling Kinde Durkee the "Bernie Madoff" of campaign treasurers. Involved in the campaigns of scores of California Democrats, Durkee was arrested September 2 by the FBI for stealing $670,000 in campaign funds from Assemblyman Jose Solorio. Since her arrest, a handful of high profile Democrats have come forward to say they may be victims, too, including Senator Dianne Feinstein. Veteran Democratic strategist Chris Lehane tells us more about Durkee and why she was so trusted.
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While most of the special election coverage today is focused on Anthony Weiner's New York City Congressional district, there's another special election closer to home, in Nevada. And it's connected to a Senate race that promises to be one of the most hard-fought and expensive in the state's history, to fill the seat vacated by Senator John Ensign. But today's election isn't about the Senate seat. It's about one of these House seats. And it's expected to go to the Republican. Las Vegas Sun political columnist Jon Ralston joins us with more.
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Anthrax scare: 10 years later, how prepared are we?

Shortly after 9/11 - there was another scare: letters containing brown anthrax powder showed up in the mailboxes of several media outlets in New York and Florida. They were the first wave in what would later become known as the nation's first bio-terror attack. More than 20 people developed anthrax infections and five died. Since then, the federal government has spent $60 billion on bio-defense efforts. But how safe are we? Here to help us answer that is science journalist Laurie Garrett. She's the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of the book, "I heard the Sirens Scream," a look at the public health impact of 9/11.
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New Music Tuesday: St. Vincent and Wild Flag

It's New Music Tuesday and in this installment NPR music critic Ann Powers reviews new releases from Wild Flag and St. Vincent. Wild Flag is an indie super group featuring Sleater-Kinney members Carrie Brownstein and Janet Weiss, Mary Timony from Helium and Rebecca Cole of The Minders. On their debut album, simply called Wild Flag, the band goes from punk to progressive in effortless leaps and bounds. Recording as St. Vincent, Annie Clark's new album is called Strange Mercy. It features Clark's soothing voice and deft guitar work.
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