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Sklarbro Country: Manny Ramirez behaving badly, drunk gymnast assaults cab driver, Mets can't wear 9/11 hats

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A member of the New York Mets wears a jersey commemorating the 40th anniversary of the club and the first anniversary of the terror attacks of 2001 on September 11, 2002. For then 10th anniversary, Mets players were stopped from wearing commemorative 9/11 hats. Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Randy and Jason Sklar are here with news from the world of sports. Former Dodger Manny Ramirez has been released on bail in Florida following domestic abuse charges. Meanwhile former Olympian gymnast Paul Hamm was also arrested for assault. Eight drinks deep, he's accused of attacking a taxi driver and refusing to pay a $23 fare. Later, the hat flap. Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig didn't allow the Mets to wear commemorative 9/11 hats during gameplay. Now he's mad that the disagreement went public.

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