The Madeleine Brand Show for October 24, 2011

Obama visits Nevada, a critical swing state

US President Barack Obama boards Air For


U.S. President Barack Obama boards Air Force One at the Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland on October 24, 2011, to leave for Las Vegas, Nevada, first leg of a three-day visit to West Coast. Obama said the vast majority of Americans would see a tax cut under the bill: a $447 billion proposal aimed at reviving economic growth and curbing 9.1 percent unemployment. The White House has touted the jobs bill as a shot-in-the-arm for the economy, and accused Republicans of playing politics by blocking it.

President Obama begins a three-day fundraising campaign swing through western states Monday in Las Vegas. Nevada was hit hard by the housing downturn and the state has the highest unemployment rate in the country. Longtime Nevada political observer Jon Ralston says when President Barack Obama arrives in Las Vegas, he'll face a population that's been beaten down by the economy and is wary of political solutions.

Will the president be able to gin up enough enthusiasm to win this state in 2012 as he did in 2008?


Jon Ralston, political and business columnist for the Las Vegas Sun

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