The Madeleine Brand Show for October 25, 2011

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange stands

WikiLeaks struggles to survive financial blocks

WikiLeaks, the controversial nonprofit website best known for publishing news leaks, exploded into headlines last year when it released confidential diplomatic cables. Now, Assange says it may not have enough money to continue operations.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel  waits t

Europe meets Wednesday to avoid deepening debt crisis

Leaders from the 17 eurozone countries prepare for a summit Wednesday in Brussels. The goal is to finally come up with a lasting solution to the Greek debt crisis that threatens to unravel the EU monetary system and set off a global financial crisis. Will the Euro emerge intact?

Boring car colors are the new normal

Julia Felsenthal sees nothing but white, black and some mixture of the two. Cars all look alike now. She sets out to explain why cars have the same paint job, especially when cars from decades ago had bright, bold colors. She argues that the reason has less to do with our taste, and more about paint technology.

'1Q84' delves into parallel worlds

The literary sensation Haruki Murakami comes out with his new novel "1Q84" today. The surrealist plot has Aomame, a young woman, exploring the alternative-world Tokyo of 1984.

New Music Tuesday: Tom Waits, Lou Reed and Metallica

Today, show regular NPR music critic Ann Powers tells us about growly old men. Tom Waits' 17th studio album "Bad As Me" nicely fits into his oeuvre. Also, Lou Reed and Metallica are teaming up for "Lulu." The collaboration was inspired by the Lulu plays, which also inspired the 1929 silent film "Pandora's Box." The album is not as controversial, but is sure to keep you interested with its unique sound.
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