The Madeleine Brand Show for November 1, 2011

New book charts rise of secret security post-9/11

Washington Post reporter Dana Priest joins Madeleine to talk about her new book "Top Secret America." The rise of the government bureaucracies after 9/11 continues to grow even as the threat from terrorists has diminished. Priest claims the government intercepts so much data – email, phone calls, text messages – that no one can possibly analyze every piece.

Changing the way schools discipline students

Harsh discipline in Los Angeles public schools may be doing more harm than good. Students who commit even minor infractions can end up being suspended, or expelled. Many end up dropping out. Now there's an experiment underway at a handful of schools to change that. KPCC's Adolfo Guzman Lopez reports

California's high speed railroad will cost $98.5 billion

The estimated cost of a high speed rail in California has doubled. That's according to new figures out today from the High Speed Rail Authority. The $98.5 billion project still lacks complete funding from investors, but backers say it's still a good deal; the construction phase could bring 100,000 jobs to California.

Cartoonist Adrian Tomine discusses "Optic Nerve"

Writer and illustrator Adrian Tomine recently published the highly-anticipated twelfth installment of his comics series, "Optic Nerve." Tomine has helped redefine the graphic novel genre with his stories about average people. Mainly, single people in their twenties and thirties struggling to find some kind of meaning or connection in their lives. Tomine will discuss "Optic Nerve," as well as his other work with Madeleine.

New Music Tuesday: Gregory Isaacs and Justice

Think reggae and your mind will likely drift towards Bob Marley; the ubiquitous Jamaican musical icon. But Robert Nestor Marley is not the Caribbean island's only reggae export. Drew Tewsbury reviews a collection of dub plate offerings from another Jamaican reggae legend, Gregory Isaacs plus new music from Justice.
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