The Madeleine Brand Show for November 21, 2011

Joint Deficit Reduction Committee Holds Overview Hearing Of Previous Debt Proposals

Political roundup: Supercommittee likely to fail

The so-called "supercommittee" has three days left to propose $1.2 trillion of deficit reductions, and members are still far from reaching a deal. With no signs of a breakthrough before the Nov. 23 deadline, congressional aides said they expected a formal statement within a few hours announcing the panel's failure to reach a compromise. Without a deficit reduction proposal, automatic trigger cuts will engage unless Congress repeals them, and Congress will have another year to come up with a deal before the 2012 elections.

Stephen Glass, known for faking news stories, now wants to be a Calif. lawyer

The California Supreme Court announced it will decide whether Stephen Glass, the former journalist whose career fell apart after it was revealed he’d fabricated stories, should be accepted into the State Bar.

Victims of sexual abuse speak out in the wake of the Penn State scandal

The alleged abuse of young boys by a former assistant coach of Penn State football, Jerry Sandusky, has reawakened memories for many victims of childhood sexual crimes. Mark McKenna is one such example. He's now 36 and a law professor at the University of Notre Dame. He says child molestation is too often repressed by the victims. Mark McKenna hopes he can make a small difference by speaking out. He shares his story with Madeleine.
Timothy Egan

Parenting on the edge - my millennial is unemployed

New York Times writer Timothy Egan tells us about his daughter who graduated from Stanford recently and her generation's struggle to find employment.

Awesome/Not awesome with Luke Burbank

Luke Burbank, host of the podcast Too Beautiful To Live, joins the show every Monday to tell us about the Awesome/Not Awesome news items of the week. Today, Luke talks about how Jiffy Lube employees lie to their customers by telling them to change the oil every 3,000 miles instead of the car manufacturer guidelines which are higher: 5,000 - 10,000 miles. Also, a man sells his engagement ring after a hard breakup and uses the money to buy a Master Chief armored suit made famous by the video game series, Halo. And, the Sex Pistols' graffiti is being studied by archaeologists who say that it's "as important as the caves of Lascaux in southern France."
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