The Madeleine Brand Show for November 23, 2011

Thousands of Egyptians gather during a d

Egyptian turmoil continues in Tahrir Square

It's the fifth day of violent protests between demonstrators and police in Egypt. Nearly 40 people have died and more than 1,000 have been injured. Demonstrators in Cairo's Tahrir Square want to end military rule and transfer power to a civilian government. These are the largest demonstrations following February's ousting of Hosni Mubarak. In an effort to appease protestors, military leader Field Marshall Tantawi has offered to move the planned presidential election forward by at least six months to the first half of 2012.
GOP Presidential Candidates Debate National Security Issues In Washington

GOP debate: Gingrich takes heat for immigration stance

Eight candidates for the Republican presidential nomination talked national security issues on Tuesday night at the eleventh televised debate. The discussion included the number of troops in Afghanistan, dealing with Iran's nuclear aggression, and immigration policy. Former House speaker Newt Gingrich drew fire for suggesting a "humane" policy on immigration that would allow undocumented immigrants who have built families here to remain in the country. Molly Ball, politics writer for The Atlantic, joins Madeleine to discuss the evolution of the campaign.
A western scrub jay

Noise pollution is driving larger birds away, study says

Thanksgiving is not a good time for turkeys. But a new study from the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center in North Carolina has bad news for other birds as well. The research found that many larger birds are being driven from their natural habitat by human noise pollution. Scientists worry this could have long term consequences for the environment around loud areas like cities and factories.

Mark Jordan Legan reviews movies that go great with turkey

Film historian Mark Jordan Legan brings us some tasty flicks to indulge in over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Jeanne Darst: 'Fiction Ruined My Family'

Writer and performer Jeanne Darst discusses her new memoir, "Fiction Ruined My Family." Darst tells tales of riding the subway topless, stealing food while babysitting for her sister and drinking to excess in her uproarious account of crazy family life.
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