The Madeleine Brand Show for December 12, 2011

Tuba thefts plague Los Angeles schools

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Charlie Rudnick/KPCC

Los Hermanos Carrillo Con El Chikilin Y Su Tuba poses outside the studio

Last month, we spoke with Los Angeles Times reporter Sam Quinones about the rise of the tuba. He said tuba players have become the rockstars of the Mexican Banda world — making more money and getting more attention than other players. Apparently that new found glory comes at a cost. Southern California schools are experiencing a rash of tuba thefts. Tubas that are damaged can still fetch $2,000 and a new tuba can cost $5,000. Also, tuba players are in high demand, earning up to $100 dollars per hour.

Read more about L.A.'s tuba troubles at the Los Angeles Times.


Sam Quinones, reporter for the Los Angeles Times.

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