The Madeleine Brand Show for December 12, 2011

Drake University Hosts ABC News GOP Presidential Debate

The week's political news with Christina Bellantoni

As the GOP nomination race heads into the final stretch before voting begins, Newt Gingrich remains the front runner. He's in New Hampshire today to do a one-on-one debate with back-of-the-pack Jon Huntsman. It's a chance for Gingrich to showcase his knowledge in this important primary state, while Huntsman is motivated by the need for exposure (he's polling in the single-digits). Mitt Romney is also in New Hampshire fighting for votes; he had an interesting encounter with a gay man recently. Romney told him marriage is between a man and a woman. Safe to say, he lost the support of that one voter. We'll hear all the week's political news as the race for the White House heats up.

Things to hate with New Yorker cartoonist Roz Chast

New Yorker cartoonist Roz Chast talks about her new book, "What to Hate from A to Z." The alphabet book pairs Chast's cartoons with descriptions of her dislikes. Among the items that make her cringe: flying, heights and the color yellow.
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Wholesale marijuana prices on the rise

For years, the price of marijuana has been declining in California as the supply exploded with the medical marijuana market. Now, after a federal crackdown and some bad weather, the supply is down and prices are up. A pound of high-grade marijuana sold for under $1,000 last year, but is now over $2,000.
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Tuba thefts plague Los Angeles schools

Last month, we spoke with Los Angeles Times reporter Sam Quinones about the rise of the tuba. He said tuba players have become the rockstars of the Mexican Banda world — making more money and getting more attention than other players. Apparently that new found glory comes at a cost. Southern California schools are experiencing a rash of tuba thefts. Tubas that are damaged can still fetch $2,000 and a new tuba can cost $5,000. Also, tuba players are in high demand, earning up to $100 dollars per hour.
Occupy Protesters Call For Blockage Of Mulitiple West Coast Ports

'Occupy' tries to shut down West Coast ports

Crowds of protesters gathered at California ports early Monday in an effort to stop traffic at two of the West Coast's busiest terminals. Protesters hoped to shut down ports in Long Beach and Oakland. The actions were part of a coordinated effort by the Occupy Wall Street movement to hurt corporate profits by shutting down ports along the West Coast.

Luke Burbank on Norway's butter shortage

Luke Burbank is back with Awesome / Not Awesome to brighten this dreary Monday morning. He'll talk about a butter shortage in Norway that has caused prices of this culinary staple to soar. He'll also discuss a new ad by Rick Perry and a fake obituary one man used to get out of work.
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