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Facebook Timeline, Android's Galaxy Nexus and a space harpoon: Tech news with John Moe

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Models pose with the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android phone during its official launch in Hong Kong. South Korea's Samsung Electronics unveiled its new smartphone running on Google's latest Android 'Ice Cream Sandwich' operating system, stepping up the challenge on the leading Apple's iPhone. AFP PHOTO / LAURENT FIEVET

John Moe, host of the one stop shop for technology news, the Marketplace Tech Report, joins us. He'll review the new Facebook feature called "Timeline" that lets you organize your posts, pictures and friends chronologically. Moe will also talk about the new Android phone called "Galaxy Nexus." It's the first phone to use the "Ice Cream Sandwich" operating system that has garnered buzz in tech circles. And he'll discuss a plan by NASA to build a space harpoon that will help retrieve material from comets.


John Moe, host of the Marketplace Tech Report

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