The Madeleine Brand Show for December 15, 2011

Speaker Boehner Speaks To Press After House GOP Meeting

Congress comes to tentative agreement on $1 trillion spending bill

Despite threats Wednesday night to shut down the government, Congress appeared to come to a tentative agreement Thursday morning on a $1 trillion spending bill. David Mark, senior editor at, joins Madeleine to discuss the details.
Executive Chairman of Google, Dr. Eric E. Schmidt

Stop Online Piracy Act pits Hollywood against Silicon Valley

Hollywood has long seen piracy as a threat to the industry. They've been pushing for legislation that would clamp down on websites that facilitate illegal downloads. Tech interests in Silicon Valley have been pushing back. They say the proposed legislation would throttle the web. The argument comes to a head Thursday in Washington, where the House Judiciary committee will consider the Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA. KPCC's Washington bureau chief, Kitty Felde, joins Madeleine with an update.
Galaxy Nexus

Facebook Timeline, Android's Galaxy Nexus and a space harpoon: Tech news with John Moe

John Moe, host of the one stop shop for technology news, the Marketplace Tech Report, joins us. He'll review the new Facebook feature called "Timeline" that lets you organize your posts, pictures and friends chronologically. Moe will also talk about the new Android phone called "Galaxy Nexus." It's the first phone to use the "Ice Cream Sandwich" operating system that has garnered buzz in tech circles. And he'll discuss a plan by NASA to build a space harpoon that will help retrieve material from comets.
A child watches chimpanzees sharing a co

New guidelines for research on chimps

Chimpanzees are our closest animal relative – their ability to communicate, empathize and look back at us with big, expression-filled eyes has fueled human curiosity for centuries. Due to their genetic similarities, chimpanzees are also prime subjects for research. One thousand chimps are housed in research facilities here in the U.S. By one estimate, this costs taxpayers $30 million a year. Today, the Institute of Medicine released a highly anticipated report that sets new guidelines for research on chimpanzees.
US President Barack Obama chats with stu

'If I Was A Poor Black Kid' ignites the web

A recent essay appearing on has set the web world on fire. 'If I Was a Poor Black Kid," written by white author Gene Marks, has drawn more than 400,000 views and counting. In the piece, he laments the chasm between the rich and the poor and says it's unfair that his kids, who are no smarter than an intercity kid, get all the breaks. And so, he offers up a simple solution to the problem.
2011 Teen Choice Awards - Arrivals

Sports with the Sklars: Laker moves and steroid claims

Fresh from the triumphant premiere of 'Sklartalk' last week, Randy and Jason Sklar are back with the latest sports news, including: Lamar Odom, complete with a Kardashian in tow, says 'Goodbye Lakers, hello Mavericks'; plus an Atlanta Brave admits to using steroids.
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