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The Madeleine Brand Show for December 16, 2011

"The smell of fresh pine" and "environmentally-friendly" can now be in the same sentence. A Los Angeles Christmas tree company is renting potted holiday trees.
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Bradley Manning is in court today – we look back at the diplomatic fallout of Wikileaks with Steve Clemons of The Atlantic. Essayist and provocateur Christopher Hitchens is dead at 62; we remember his career. Know anyone prone to talking in a throaty, almost creaky sounding voice? A new study finds that the phenomenon called "vocal fry" is widespread in female college students – we'll talk to one of the study's coauthors. Celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz takes a turn in her career – her latest book is on places and things, not famous faces. We'll ask her why. A holiday twist: Rent a tree. Scott Martin, the owner of The Living Christmas Company, joins the show. Then, Meghan McCarty is on with "Weekend Alibi." And we wrap up the week with Rico Gagliano and Brendan Francis Newnam's "Dinner Party Download."