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Why one tech writer is skipping CES

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Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

An attendee considers which Internet content to choose via a computer powered by the Intel Core i7 processor displayed on a prototype optical touch rear projection double high screen at the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show.

Today marks the beginning of an annual pilgrimage to the International Consumer Electronics Show. Technology types will converge on Las Vegas to slobber over the latest gizmos and listen to sales pitches laden with technical specifications and good old-fashioned hype.

Organizers say many as 140,000 people are expected in Las Vegas for the trade show.

But there's a bit of a backlash. Some are saying CES is just too big and unwieldy. Others say it's lost some of its relevance.

Tech writer Eliot Van Buskirk would normally be preparing for a long day walking the halls of the Vegas convention center. Instead he's staying home this year. He joins the show to explain why.

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