The Madeleine Brand Show for January 9, 2012

Malibu's 'Wing House' takes flight

Drive up the winding roads of the Santa Monica mountains and you might see the wings of a 747 cascading down a ridge. Don't worry, it's not a low-flying plane — it's a house.
Romney Campaigns With Pawlenty And Christie In New Hampshire

Mitt-mentum builds in New Hampshire

The Republican presidential hopefuls are making their last, best pitch to the voters Monday in New Hampshire before the primaries Tuesday. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has a solid, perhaps insurmountable lead. A University of New Hampshire survey shows him with a double digit lead over other candidates at 41 percent. Molly Ball writes about politics for The Atlantic and she's covering the Romney campaign in New Hampshire.
GOP Presidential Candidate Rick Perry Returns To Campaign Trail In South Carolina
South Carolina will hold its primary on Jan. 21, and while Mitt Romney holds a safe lead in the polls, the "not-Romney" candidates are putting up a fight. A new wave of attack ads from a Super PAC supporting Newt Gingrich slam Mitt Romney on his record as head of Bain Capital. Will support coalesce around a single anti-Romney, or will they split the social conservative vote and deliver Romney a win? Gina Smith, a political reporter with South Carolina newspaper, The State, joins Madeleine with an update.

Your child's brain: Understanding it can help you parent

Struggling with your parenting skills? The good news is that after researching thousands of scientific studies, authors Sandra Aamodt and Sam Wang found that overall kids are pretty hard to break. But in their new book "Welcome to Your Child's Brain," they looked at the way children's brains work and found that certain parenting tactics can help.
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Why Finland's schools keep coming out on top

It's been 10 years since "No Child Left Behind" was signed into law. And yet many schools are still struggling to meet the goals set forth by that program. Perhaps the US could learn something from Finland. Students there get very little homework and spend relatively few hours in the classroom. And yet they're regularly ranked as some of the smartest kids in the world. What's the secret to Finland's educational success?
The International Space Station (ISS) cr

NASA is looking for new astronauts

If you you're looking for a job, how does this sound? It's a government position with great benefits and a starting salary of around 100 thousand a year. But it requires some travel to far away places... Really far away places. NASA is looking to hire a few new astronauts. They'd man missions to the International Space Station - and maybe one day be part of flights into deep space.
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Why one tech writer is skipping CES

Today marks the beginning of an annual pilgrimage to the International Consumer Electronics Show. Technology types will converge on Las Vegas to slobber over the latest gizmos and listen to sales pitches laden with technical specifications and good old-fashioned hype. Organizers say many as 140,000 people are expected in Las Vegas for the trade show. But there's a bit of a backlash. Some are saying CES is just too big and unwieldy. Others say it's lost some of its relevance. Tech writer Eliot Van Buskirk would normally be preparing for a long day walking the halls of the Vegas convention center. Instead he's staying home this year. He joins the show to explain why.
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