The Madeleine Brand Show for January 18, 2012

Rescue efforts suspended in Italian cruise ship accident

The Costa Concordia cruiseship lies on J

Filippo Monteforte/AFP/Getty Images

The Costa Concordia cruise ship lies in the harbor of the Tuscan island of Giglio after it ran aground and keeled over off the Isola del Giglio after hitting underwater rocks on January 13.

Rough seas are preventing search teams from looking for more victims of the Costa Concordia cruise ship off the coast of Italy today. 11 people are confirmed dead and more than twenty are still missing. The disgraced captain of the cruise ship, Francesco Schettino, is being held under house arrest. He abandoned the boat when it ran aground off the coast of Italy last Friday. The Italian Coast Guard ordered him to return to the ship but he declined, leaving passengers and crew to fend for themselves.


Megan Williams; journalist and writer based in Rome

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