The Madeleine Brand Show for January 18, 2012

SOPA/PIPA protest, Wikipedia

How Hollywood lost hearts and minds in SOPA debate

SOPA and PIPA are losing supporters, especially after Wednesday's Internet protest, where sites like Wikipedia, Reddit and Boing Boing went dark.
The Costa Concordia cruiseship lies on J

Rescue efforts suspended in Italian cruise ship accident

Journalist Megan Williams has the latest on the Costa Concordia disaster and how Italians are comparing the ship's captain to former disgraced prime minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Stardom at age 33 for the lead actress of new film 'Pariah'

Actress Adepero Oduye is the breakout star in the new coming of age film "Pariah." The movie tells the story of a lesbian teenager living in Brooklyn.

Filmmaker Nelson George on trends in black cinema

Author, filmmaker and television producer Nelson George recently wrote for The New York Times about what he sees as an emerging movement in black filmmaking.
Jerry Brown Introduces January California Budget

Cutbacks and tax hikes? Gov. Brown's State of the State address

Governor Jerry Brown delivers his annual "State of the State" address today. He's expected to call for spending cutbacks and higher taxes.
Mercer 2736

California alternative energy: Oil from algae

One issue that looms large in California is alternative energy. The state already leads the nation in use of electric vehicles and solar roofs. Now, several California companies are hoping to add bio-fuels to the list.

Awesome/Not Awesome with Luke Burbank

Luke Burbank, host of the podcast Too Beautiful to Live, is back with a roundup of the Awesome/Not Awesome at the Golden Globes.
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