The Madeleine Brand Show for January 19, 2012

Rick Perry Campaigns At Iowa Coffee Shop
GOP race: Rick Perry drops out, Romney's Iowa win in question and Gingrich ex-wife gives blistering interview to ABC. The Atlantic's Molly Ball weighs in.
Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Rom

Mitt Romney's Mexican roots

KPCC's Multi-American blogger, Leslie Berestein Rojas examines Mitt Romney's Latino roots - his father was born in Mexico.
Apple Ipad

Product news from Apple

Marketplace Tech Report's John Moe gives us the latest news in the tech world: Apple announces new initiative to get iPads into classrooms.

Sierra Nevada high country's dry skies charm explorers

Rain in the Pacific Northwest, but clear skies in the Sierra Nevada have opened up rare winter access in Yosemite.
Human Head Found

Hollywood hiker mistook severed head for prop

After joking that it looked like a skull, Lauren Kornberg had convinced herself it was a realistic Hollywood prop and was ready to continue hiking. Her mother decided they should investigate.
China's former NBA superstar Yao Ming (C

NFL playoffs and Yao Ming's turn to politics

The Sklar brothers talk about the NFL playoffs coming up this weekend, and offer the latest news from Yao Ming.
Mercer 621

Wall Street insiders question govenment's role in '08 financial crash

Wall Street insiders question government's handling of traders behind the 2008 financial crash.
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