The Madeleine Brand Show for January 25, 2012

Awesome/Not Awesome: Disneyland beards and McDonald's social media mistakes

Disney is now selling a shirt that borrows the design from the Joy Division album, Unknown Pleasures. The image, taken from an encyclopedia by the band, is in the public domain.

Luke Burbank, host of the podcast "Too Beautiful to Live," joins us for his weekly analysis of the Awesome/Not Awesome news of the week.

McDonalds walks into a PR nightmare when Twitter jokesters appropriate their #McDStories hash tag in uncomplimentary ways.

And Disneyland has just relaxed their rules on facial hair to allow employees to grow beards. While that new policy may endear them to rockers, their new T-shirt does not. It uses the design of a legendary album cover by post-punk legends, Joy Division, but inserts Mickey Mouse's face.


Luke Burbank, host of podcast "Too Beautiful to Live," and weekly guest on The Madeleine Brand Show

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