The Madeleine Brand Show for January 26, 2012

Mercer 5419

The human workforce behind your iPad - China's labor conditions investigated

Apple has become one of the most successful companies in the world. But as reporters Charles Duhigg and David Barboza found out, all that profit comes at a price.

Retailers put your online data to work

Steve Proffitt tells Madeleine about one way retailers are starting to use data that they collect from consumers online.
2012 Consumer Electronics Show Showcases Latest Technology Innovations

John Moe brings you tech news, new Xbox on the way?

Marketplace tech reporter John Moe is back with his weekly update. He explains the latest on online anti-piracy bills and has details on whether we'll see a new version of Xbox - it's been almost seven years since Xbox 360 came out.
University of Queensland, Australia

Hybrid shark found off coast of Australia

Marine biologist Pat Krug returns to talk about the hybrid shark that was found off the coast of Australia and why this might be a response to global climate change.

Rare Abraham Lincoln telegraphs now in Pasadena

A rare collection of Civil War messages between Abraham Lincoln and his generals has just been bought by The Huntington Library.
APTOPIX Clippers Lakers Basketball

Sports with Jason Sklar

Jason Sklar takes on our regular Sklar brothers sports segment solo this week. He has details on last night's Lakers vs. Clippers basketball game and news of a hockey player who was boycotted at a White House ceremony.
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