The Madeleine Brand Show for January 31, 2012

FLorida primary gets underway

Recent polls show Mitt Romney leading Newt Gingrich by double digits in Florida - will Gingrich drop out if he loses big today?

What to expect from Saturday's Nevada caucus

Las Vegas Sun columnist Jon Ralston joins the show to discuss the role of Nevada in deciding the Republican presidential nominee, and what Florida's decision will mean to Nevada voters.
Mercer 6985

New survey shows housing market continues to struggle

Unemployment is ticking down, slowly. Real wages are ticking up. Also slowly. But the housing market? It remains in deep trouble.

Development projects in South LA face uncertainty

The end of community redevelopment agencies will leave a lot of projects in limbo, including one in South L.A. that's dragged on for years.
SAT Test To Be Revamped

Claremont McKenna College inflated SAT scores for ranking

The prestigious Claremont McKenna College, just east of Los Angeles, is under scrutiny for inflating the SAT scores of its incoming students to improve its standing in the almighty U.S. News and World Report magazine.
Rise of the 'Tubers

Maker Studios is all about YouTube

In just two and a half years, Maker Studios has gone from a handful of employees to 160 full-time staffers and 40 part-timers, all by making videos for YouTube.

Raising kids can mean reliving your rocky childhood

Having kids can reignite intense feelings about our less than perfect parents. How do we move past them? Comedy writer Teresa Strasser explains.

New Music Tuesday: Rodrigo y Gabriela and Gotye

On this week's New Music Tuesday, our regular music critic Drew Tewksbury tours the globe and talks about the newest albums from Rodrigo y Gabriela and Gotye.
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